EA-Bucket Tool®

EA-Bucket tool®

  • Up to 9900lbs of payload
  • 500 releases per recharge guaranteed (-20/+45°C)
  • Stand-by time > 1 week
  • Release distance >5km
  • 400ms~ release time
  • No modification to the airframe is necessary, No STC
  • different sizes (custom on request)
    • SMALL: 2600lbs
    • LARGE: 9900lbs
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Radio-controlled tool for fire-fighting operations with Bambi Bucket. This type of radio device allows to use normal ropes without the need of specific electric ropes, thus reducing weight and complexity of hooking. There are no maintenance costs of electric ropes (since they are not present). You can adjust the length of the rope as you like, just connect more ropes according to the work you are doing because you have no electric connections. The system must be recharged before use and guarantees 500 releases in the following days. The system is equipped with a self-contained battery and a coded remote control that allows the opening of the hook. On the frame of the helicopter’s baricentric hook, a very small radio transmitter is mounted. When the transmitter is activated by the button on the cyclic, it sends a coded signal to the radio hook that in turn releases the load.




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